Make a Booking

ST Hair Salon’s Booking System

You can make a booking online by using this booking form.
Follow these simple steps:

1. Select a date of your choice in the Calendar Panel

(Please Note: allow bookings to be made at least 1 day in advanced BEFORE close of business  to avoid missing out)

2. Select your time on your chosen day, just underneath the calendar panel.

3. In the “Contact Informationpanel, fill in the required fields.

4. Finalise your booking request by clicking on “Book Now”.

*(You may receive a phone call if we can’t fit you in.)

You’ll be sent an email about your pending request and we’ll contact you either via email or a phone call.
If you have any concerns please call us on 9850 8442.

Can’t find us? We’re located near Australia Post and next to the Jewellers!

(If you are arriving late, you MUST give us a call to rearrange another time to avoid disappointment)

Online Bookings are green lit! Please note we'll process appointments for days AFTER TODAY AND ONWARDS. For today's immediate availabilities, please call (03) 9850 8442.

Got it!